Taormina is located on the eastern coast of Sicily overlooking the Ionian sea, between the cities of Catania and Messina. Summers are long and warm, but the proximity to the sea and its breezes makes the climate comfortable. Spring and autumn are mild, and even the winter can offer a lot of sunshine and temperatures rising towards twenty degrees at midday.

View from La Prora towards Isola Bella

View from La Prora towards Isola Bella

The town was established by Greek settlers in the 5thcentury BC before becoming part of the Roman empire in 212BC. It has since then seen its up- and downturns during Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, French, Spanish and Austrian rule in Sicily. From the 14th century little happened in terms of development ensuring that the town has preserved its charming medieval atmosphere. Taormina was rediscovered by European nobles on the Grand Tour from the mid 19th century. It can claim to have been visited by a very wide range of celebrities ranging from Goethe in 1787 to Dolce & Gabbana who celebrated their first 25 years as designers with a three day party. In May 2017 the town will host a meeting of the G7 countries, allowing both Donald Trump and Angela Merkel to enjoy its beautiful surroundings.


 The town is also among the main tourist attractions in Sicily. It can offer a wide range of very good restaurants and ample opportunities for shopping and people watching.

 Obviously there are also a range of beaches around Taormina for swimming and sunbathing, both sandy and pebbly. You can choose between public beaches and lots of beach clubs offering sunbeds and related facilities.

 For those who prefer to be more physically active there are various opportunities for walking in the hills above Taormina. A favourite destination is Castelmola, a picturesque little village one hour by foot from La Prora. Tennis courts are available in Taormina and in nearby Trapitello. There is an 18 hole golf course about 30 minutes’ drive direction Etna. At the Isola Bella beach, 10 minutes walking distance from the house, there is a diving centre which both offers snorkling excursions, diving courses for beginners as well as excursions for experienced divers.